What Impressed Me the Most in Iceland

I have found some delightfully beautiful photos from my last trip to Iceland and I just have to share them with you guys!

Being the most unusual country you can imagine – with the name that sounds so cold and icy, Iceland has the most amazing nature ever! You would never expect it to be so green (I am talking about a summer period) and so beautiful!


iceland lupinslupins flowersflower field girl Icelandbeautiful view icelandiceland meadows Iceland viewnature Icelandiceland flower fieldIceland flowers girl


I obviously fell in love with those picturesque landscapes and beautiful violet flowers called “lupins”. There are thousands of them! Lupins cover hills, grow around lakes and rivers and along the roads and highways… I was very surprised as they look so fragile and tender but actually they are the only  flowers (as we were told) that can grow on volcanic land and survive severe weather conditions (as it gets in Iceland in winter).

Being a person who doesn’t take a cold weather very well, I’ve visited Iceland in summer, in June, to be precise, and the weather was lovingly warm during the day, getting quite child at night – due to those famous Icelandic winds. In winter, they say, the wind gets very harsh and freezingly cold. Nevertheless, the sun shines here all year round, and they have more sunny days in Iceland than in any other country in Europe (who could of thought that?!).  Even though in winter days become very short – with a sunrise at 11:30am and a sunset at 3:30 pm. More info about Iceland is here

I was very happy to witness the midnight sun! I’ve heard so much about those endless days and was wondering how dark it actually gets or if it gets dark at all. The answer is – it does get kind of dark, more like a dusk time, with the most beautiful sunsets that last for hours!

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Irina Smith