The Ubud Monkey Forest – My Visit to a Sanctuary

One of the must see visit places in Ubud, Bali is the Ubud Monkey Forest – a beautiful sanctuary which is a home to hundreds of grey monkeys…

This place is a true jungle, wild and beautiful, with a few temples and ancient sculptures. The Ubud Monkey Forest is not a zoo so monkeys are literally everywhere. It is their home so they just run around and do their everyday routine, big part of which is stealing things from non-cautious tourists… They are very smart, sneaky and fast… And sometimes aggressive.

the Ubud monkey forest
Monkeys are all around – primates in the wild
Ubud Monkey Forest
A beautiful Balinese temple inside the Ubud Monkey Forest

Having read some articles and reviews about the Ubud Monkey Forest before my visit, I was a bit nervous about the behaviour of its main inhabitants. I can tell you one thing I’ve learned from my experience – those monkeys will not harm you, unless you provoke them or they think that you are provoking them. Just keep in mind that those primates are not pets even though they look very cute and huggable – they are wild and it is better to stay away and keep a distance.

A few advice to follow

  • Planning your trip to the Ubud Monkey Forest, remember that simple cloths and comfortable shoes – is a must.
  • I would not recommend wearing any blink jewellers and accessories as monkeys will get attracted and might attack you.
  • Do not play, pet or attract monkeys’ attention in any way – harmless as they may seem they are animals in a wild


Ubud Monkey Forest
Walking around a real jungle
jungle Ubud
A beautiful jungle
Ubud Monkey Forest
what is he thinking about?…
monkeys family Ubud Monkey Forest
Like mother like daughter
monkey Bali
just chilling :)
temple Ubud
Monkeys sculptures are everywhere – a stairs to the Temple
forest Ubud
more stairs – not so wide though
monkey forest jungle
The humidity comes from all the greenery and water
A bridge in the middle of jungle
monkey forest Ubud
A monkey with his silent friend
Ubud Monkey Forest
what a meaningful message!
Ubud Monkey Forest
almost a monkey :)

I truly enjoyed the time in the Ubud Monkey Forest! I’ve spent around 2 hours in the Sanctuary watching monkeys (or watching out for monkeys), admiring the nature and walking up and down the hills. It is very humid in there – more humid than in Ubud, so be ready to sweat)

I haven’t had any bad experience with monkeys as I haven’t had any experience with them at all. Peacefully walking around and enjoying myself, I was taking photos and discovering new paths.. I did not pay any extra attention to the monkeys and didn’t get friendly with them. But I saw a few people who had the photos taken with primates on top of their heads, and left over without glasses and hats.. One lady was trying to play with a baby monkey – and got attacked by its mother. So it really depends on you the way you get treated. There are many sign boards everywhere in the sanctuary listing what Not to do to get animals angry – and you’ll be totally safe if you follow those rules. For the information and official website of the Ubud Monkey Forest follow this link.

Let me know about your experience about in the Ubud Monkey Forest :)

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