My Choice of The Things to Do in Dubai Over a Weekend

For both residents and visitors of Dubai weekends are something to look forward to. And while the weather is just perfect, here you go with a list of a few of my favourite things to do in Dubai. As we have about one more month of sunny and beautiful weather to enjoy, I have chosen a few things to do in Dubai, and all of those are outdoors.

  • Things to Do in Dubai – The JBR Beach and Walk

    The number one from my list of the “things to do in Dubai” over any weekend is a visit to the JBR Walk. For those who haven’t been there for a while or those who have never been in this area, the JBR Walk is a place to visit. It has changed a lot since the last time I’ve been there (since the last year to be precise) and now reminds one of those relaxing beach promenades in Europe.

    There are lots of different restaurants and coffee shops, small boutique stores and snacks’ vendors. You can come here to grab a lunch, dinner or just enjoy your time at the beach. There is a movie theatre as well ;) Coming here, tell a taxi driver to take you to the JBR walk or to the Beach and you will get dropped right in the middle of everything! If you are driving – there is an underground parking at the end of JBR. For more info on the JBR walk click here

JBR walk things to do in Dubai JBR the Beach things to do in Dubai things to do in Dubai JBR Walk Tthings to do in Dubai the beach walk


  • Things to do in Dubai – The Miracle Garden

    One of the things to do in Dubai would be visiting the Miracle Garden. I just love this place! The Miracle Garden is a park in the middle of the desert with thousands and thousands of live flowers! I made a separate post about it here . Hurry up to see it before it closes for a summer season! You can easily spend in there at least a couple of hours admiring various flowers’ sculptures and walking around with your family and friends. There are a few places to grab a bite and lots of snacks and ice-cream sales points ;) It is easy to find the Miracle Garden if your are behind the wheel. And every taxi driver knows where the Garden is located. For information about the opening hours and rates click here

things to do in Dubai Miracle Garden flowers park things to do in Dubai things to do in Dubai Miracle Garden park


  • Things to Do in Dubai. A Day in The Open Sea – a Yacht Trip From Marina

    And the last but not least on my list of the “things to do in Dubai” is to spend a whole day relaxing on board. Leaving in Dubai and especially visiting this high tech city – you just have to dedicate one day for a sea trip… The easiest way to book your “vessel” is through the CharterClick Company. They have a choice of boats and yachts for any taste and budget! Just go to their website, choose what you like, pay online and enjoy your time on board!

    Drifting through Marina you will discover magnificent view on all the towers and skyscrapers… You can make a tour around the Palm or sail towards Burj AlArab – just tell your captain what you wish for. Swimming in the open waters, enjoying a bbq or just watching a sunset from the sea…. sounds like a dream! And dreams do come true… Especially when you are in Dubai!
    Marina yacht things to do in Dubai things to do in Dubai - yacht tripthings to do in Dubai - view MArina things to do in Dubai luxury boatthings to do in Dubai - Marina
    If you are in Dubai for vacation, you can actually choose all of the options above any day during your stay. And really, if you can afford timewise, do all the activities on a weekdays. There will be less people on the JBR beach and in coffee shops on the walk; not so crowded in the Miracle Gardens and you will have a better choice of boats from the CharterClick guys. But if you have a proper working week, look into my list of the “things to do in Dubai”, choose what suits you the best and try to get all the entrances and bookings in advance. Plus arrive everywhere as early as you can to avoid crows and boats’ traffic in Marina ;)





Irina Smith

 Photos by Ev Nikolaeva Great Bear Pro