Streets of Barcelona. Part 1

There is something about Spain.. Spanish people, food, wine and lifestyle in general. Something mesmerizing, tranquil, easy-flowing… but eccentric at the same time. The native land of flamenco and bull fights, tapas and siesta, sangria and churros.. The country with breathtaking sceneries and magnificent architecture, beautiful parks and the highest amount of Michelen star restaurants in the world.. Oh yeah, looks like Spaniards know how to embrace the life!

Take a look at some photos of beautiful Barcelona. Those were taken in one of those typical Spanish squares between Gothic Quarters and Marina Promenade area.

This magnificent building is just a post office… Truly an architectural masterpiece!

A monument of Antonio López y López – a Spanish merchant and a ship owner who I guess means a lot to catalonians if they build him a monument :)

Love the details!

what a door!

Thinking to get on that bike, but have changed my mind later – as there are some streets in Barcelona you only can only walk through.

just sitting, just resting…

Admiring the magnificence of every building