Some Vintage and Style – London Days!

Believe it or not, but even Mondays can be pleasant, cheerful and not stressful at all! Especially if your working week starts on Sunday as it does here in UAE :)

Nevertheless check out some photos below from my #londondays! They were taken when I came back to London after a trip to my home city, all stocked up with some “vintage” junk – garments that used to belong to my gandmas and my mom. But you know what, those pieces of clothes still look amazing and still are very solid even after many years!! My grandmas used to have a great taste indeed and both of them were fashion tailors… I guess love for style and fashion runs in our family  ;)  I wish, the outfits we buy nowadays would be the same quality as they used to be let’s say 50 years ago?.. can you imagine your daughter wearing your dress or skirt when she grows up and is the same age as you are now?.. so cute :)

This top was handmade by my grandma for my mom… Mother says she used to wear it when she was in her freshmen and sophomore years in university – awwwww…. – almost my age :) hehe))

My fav backpack – you know it very well by now from my previous posts and my Instagram feed – one of the most convenient and definitely the cutest saks I’ve bought this year! Loafers – TOMs – I love that brand as well as you know and own at least 4 pairs of different kind.

Shades – CK Hair – all mine! :)

Watch out – apple watch! I love it! very convenient, simple and has so many useful functions – like measuring your pulse while you work out or your can answer an incoming call from it if your mobile is not at your hand.

Trousers – H&M – great cut, very 60-th, but hate the material – as absolutely everything sticks to it! They should make cleaning brushes for clothes from this fabric – it will make more sense than using it for pants!.. I was wearing a wind jacket that day (you can’t see it well, as it is wrapped around my waist). It is from H&M as well. I’ve purchased it, I think, 7 years ago in H&M kids (hehe – I know) and still can’t find anything similar to replace it! As that piece is brilliant – the cut and how it fits. Will shoot it next time so you can have a better look – actually anything will be a better look as you can’t see that jacket here at all… well.. next time )    Oh, and by the way… Don’t you think guys I’ve found the cutest and very colourful background to shoot? ;)