Madrid. Wandering around the Buen Retiro Park

What can be better in winter than memories about past summer? ;) Except visiting museums and sightseeing, I’ve spent a lovely afternoon in the Park Buen Retiro in Madrid.

Being in Madrid for the first time in August, when the city is almost empty and dry heat covers everything, probably the best choice is to visit all the museums you can get into (luckily there are no long entrance queues in late summer). But still I was feeling like I want to have some “Madrid” experience – wander around streets, discover new views and tastes and feel the atmosphere – a post on architecture and streets of Madrid is coming soon! ;) Walking my way through Madrid I just had to have a look at the Buen Retiro Park, especially that it is located right in the city centre and was on my way every single day. When next time in Madrid – I shall come here every morning and do some sports… ok, let’s be realistic, I will enjoy my morning coffee and croissant sitting on one of those benches and watch the city waking up… 

Wearing: Vintage shirt (one of my finds), Valentino Red shorts, Carlo Pazolini sandals, Mark Jacobs Shades and H&M head piece.