London days – stripes and smiles!

London days – stripes and smiles!


I woke up today unusually early as for Sunday morning  (7 am – yeah I know) and what a surprise it was when I looked out the window and saw all those cyclists going up the street! Thousands of them! Woow! What a determination and motivation! Well done guys!

And even more. On the way to my morning jog I run into all those ladies getting ready for the “Pink Race for Life” – what a great sporty morning in London! If you want to see some videos I took – follow my Snapchat – Irina Smith.

Meanwhile here are some stripes and smiles for you!


DSC_1693 DSC_1695-1(2)

DSC_1716-1 DSC_1713-1

I was wearing:

Shades – Calvin Klein

Scarf – vintage (got it in Portobello market)

Shirt – vintage (my mom used to wear it when she was my age – I just love the quality –  it didn’t loose color and there is no signs of wear and tear on it!)

Shorts – Rag and Bone

Sneakers – Lacoste  (next time will try to wear them with socks as it doesn’t feel comfy without)

Bag-pack – Bestini Modern (totally in love with this one – the size is just right for me – not too big but still very spacious, and those colors and glitter…..)