Hard Rock Hotel Bali – A Day to Remember

Having spent almost 2 weeks on a beautiful Bali island I’ve traveled it across and have visited almost all parts of it. In Kuta I stayed only for one day and was lucky to discover an amazing “rocking” gem – the Hard Rock Hotel Bali. That is a day to remember indeed…

Hard Rock Hotel Bali
An entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

First of all I must say I’ve already been to Hard Rock Hotel before, but in Vegas. Of course everything is very different in Vegas, and for sure you can not compare it to Bali – these are just 2 different things. But knowing about the “rocking” reputation of Hard Rock Hotel (mostly because of the world famous Hard Rock Cafe) as a place with live music, funky parties and atmosphere of freedom and fun, the last thing you expect, it to be family oriented and kids super friendly hotel, even on Bali.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Swimming pool area at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Hard Rock hotel Bali is located just a minute walk from the beach, literally you just have to cross the road and you can enjoy those waves to surf! But if you travel with kids I would not call the beaches in Kuta, as well as on all island of Bali, very safe,  because of the waves and currents. Hard Rock Hotel Bali has that lovely beach like area next to the pool with a real sand. It really looks like a beach, with a difference that there are no waves, many life guards watching over and all kinds of an entertainment for kids. You can enjoy your day, swim around and sun bath, ordering your refreshments and snacks.


Splash Bistro Hard Rock Hotel Bali
A view form the Splash Bistro

But my day was spent not next to the swimming pool (even though it was very tempting). I’ve decided to pamper myself and had a lovely and unique “sound massage” at the Rock Spa followed by a large lunch, as usually I am super hungry after having a massage. :)

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Bali
An entrance to the Hard Rock Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Before my treatment I was taken to a relaxation room and offered some refreshments. After you have an option to use a jacuzzi and/or sauna or a steam room or to start your treatment immediately. Being very curious I’ve tested all the facilities of course :)

Rock Spa Hard Rock Hotel Bali
A treatment room at the Rock Spa

How cool and really rocking is that? They have guitars in every massage room!) I’m not sure if you can use those (I have no idea how to play guitar anyway) but looks very impressive.

The treatment I had is called “Hard Rock’s Rhythm and Motion Synchronicity Spa”. That hanging “lamp” is a bowl shaped speaker which plays specially selected for this type of massage music. A masseur’s movements are in tack with the music beats, going softer or deeper depending on the accords. I just loved that massage! It feels like you are totally taken away to a different reality. Afterwards I felt so fresh, full of energy and … hungry) More info on the Rock SPA and type of treatments they offer you can find here.

Splash Bistro Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Our lunch set up at the Splash Bistro

We had a lovely lunch in Hard Rock Hotel Bali with a view on the pool – in a cute cafè called Splash Bistro. We have ordered a few of their signature dishes – everything looked very pretty (my fellow PR people will understand me here) and tasted delishhhh… Our waiters were very welcoming and friendly. I’ve asked them to make my favourite mint and lemon freezer drink – and even though it was not on the menu – in 2 minutes it was ready and tasted just like it should! We have shared all the dishes, and having tasted each one of them – I can say that everything was very fresh and nicely prepared. They have many offers and promotions in Splash Bistro, more info you can find here.

Splash Bistro Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Little bites to share and mint and lemon freezers
deserts Hard Rock Hotel Bali
My favourite part of the meal :)

After the lunch was up, or I would say down in our tummies, we went for a walk around the hotel…

Hard Rock Hotel Bali Hard Rock Hotel Bali Hard Rock Hotel Bali

That was a lovely experience in the Hard Rock Hotel Bali – very relaxing and at the same time “rocking”! And while the weather is getting hotter and hotter every day in Dubai, a trip to Bali might be a nice option to escape famous summer heat.. Just saying ;) More info, offers and bookings of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali you can find here

Have a rocking week everyone!