Barcelona. Park Güell

When visiting Barcelona Park Güell is a must see landmark. Being a unique architectural masterpiece designed by Gaudi himself it attracts tourists from all over the world any time of the year. It wasn’t my first time visiting it, but I still I was very impressed by the architecture  and fantasy of Gaudi.  The park is very big, so be ready for a lot of walking and mostly up and down the hills. A little advice – book your tickets online (through official Park Güell website) – so you don’t need to queue for the entrance. And as well in a busy season an entrance tickets at the ticket desk will be definitely sold out as they let only 400 people in every half an hour. So it is better to arrange this trip beforehand, especially taking in mind that the park is at the very top of the hill and you don’t want to climb it all the way up for nothing..

An entrance to the Park Güell is very impressive itself – as you can see it is a must take photos spot for travellers of all origins and nationalities :)

An architecture of the park is very colourful and lively plus all those trees, palms, exotic plants and flowers – and it does look like one of those fairy tales woods

In love with every detail!

It was a very hot day – so advise #2 always carry a bottle of water with you!

A world famous architector Antoni Gaudi (the one who designed Park Güell, Sagrada de Famillia and many other famous landmarks in Barcelona and Spain itself) was knows for his interpretation of nature into an architecture. Have a look at those columns, don’t they remind you some kind of a trees? ;)

As I said, be prepared for a lot of walking – through the bridges, arches, little paths and up and down the stairs of course ;)

He is playing – I am dancing ;)

If you are lucky you will find one of this lovely benches free and can rest for a little while enjoying the view… it’s a pity it was too hot to stay on the one I found :)

All this curvy lines and declines in the architecture of the park are meant to resemble the nature

Looks like those columns are falling down :)

This is not an ordinary photo – not because I am jump-flying, but mainly cz it is almost impossible to find any spot in park Güel which is not crowded with tourists :)

Did somebody say “lunch”? I’m on my way! ;)

The view on Barcelona form the top… I’ve mentioned it is a long way up to the park Güell but it is definitely worth it!

All the tourists are taking the photos here – and so do I! ;)

Some colours and flowers!

I was wearing: Zara shorts, a top from Top Shop, Toms loafers (which made it easy to walk for 4 hours straight) and vintage sunnies.