Al Bastakiya – discovering the old town of Dubai

Talking about Dubai everyone usually pictures magnificent skyscrapers, luxurious hotels on the seaside or an endless desert surrounding the city of wonders. But there is a different side – the old town of Dubai, with its little streets, arabic architecture

and authentic local food. I’ve spend a few hours wandering around Al Bastakiya Quarters and I fell in love with it! I have discovered some colourful art galleries, little cute shops with lots of interesting things to buy, place where they sell burgers made of a camel meat and a vegetarian cafe with yummy sweets :)
 old town of Dubai al bastakiya DUbai  old town of Dubai  old town of Dubai  Al Bastakiya - discovering the old town of Dubai

If you want to visit the old town of Dubai – just ask a taxi driver to take you to Al Bastakiya and start your walk from there. There is no special destination – just walk around and you will randomly run into beautiful places.  There are some cute restaurants to try local food and many coffee shops, cafes and fresh squeezed juice vendors. Some info on Al Baskakiya is here

As days are getting hot already – try to get there as early as you can. First of all you will avoid the traffic getting to the old town of Dubai and of course the heat. May be you can have a nice breakfast around the area and after walk around for some time.

You will need at least a few hours as there are many things to see in the old town of Dubai, including Al Bastakiya Quarters, the Spice Market and a harbour with old arabic cargo ships – Al Fahidi Fort. If you feel adventurous you can take a little boat from there only for 1 dirham (less then a US dollar) and go down the harbour to the Gold Souk.

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Have a great time exploring and finding new adventures!




Irina Smith