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Hi! This is me – Irina Smith! I am Ukrainian born, studied in USA and currently based in Dubai. I have been working in PR and Marketing industry for over then 7 years as well as having some modelling and movies experiences and still am enjoying the industry of PR and entertainment.

Welcome to my blog! Here I share my thoughts and impressions about things going on with me and around me.

In Travel Category – I take you around the world with me, show you the places that have impressed me the most and share the beauty I’ve witnessed.

Joy categorie – is about simple but very important things that makes us happy every day.  Such as beauty – where I write about my beauty routine and test all kinds of skin and hair care products as well as some make up. In Style section – you can see my favourite looks and some styling tips – I believe that one can be stylish and well dress without splashing tons of cash, as well as I try to highlight the most important fashion events here so you gals don’t miss them out. Soon I am planning to implement a Health advices and workout routines sections under Joy Category after I do a proper research and some experiments (on myself of course) and find an easy to follow but very efficient techniques!

Indulge Category – is all about the food. I love to cook, I love to experiment and to create new dishes as well as some variations of the well-known ones.  I choose easy to make and fast to prepare meals while staying on a healthy note. So if you are craving for something sweet or baked (I have some raw recipes as well) and it has to be sugar and gluten free – welcome to the Indulge section!

All opinions on this blog are on my own. I research and work on all the information I put here a lot, all texts are mine and expressing my thoughts and experiences. I am not getting paid for any of the articles on this blog as well I might have some collaborations going on – in this case the post is disclaimed as “collaboration”.

Of course, I receive some samples and products to test, cloths and promotional items as well as some complementary travel arrangements or meal outings,  but it doesn’t mean I will write about those right ahead. First I research on them, test and try them out and if I fall in love with those I blog about them if no… then not even to mention.

Most of the products, pieces, experiences and trips I blog about are paid from my own money  – and if I write about those it means they have “passed” my strict control and trial  and I like them a lot. If I blog about some promotional items or “free samples” I state this in my post clearly, so if it is not stated please assume I have purchased those myself.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Leave your feedback please as your opinions are very important to me – you are the ones I blog for!

Much love and smile,

Irina Smith